Suggestions to develop a typical quiz (trivia) game


I am evaluating the requirements needed to develop an Android/IOs typical quiz (trivia) game. But since this is my first mobile development, I would like to ask a few questions and I would appreciate any suggestions:

  1. The game will be 2D, so, for the graphic side I plan to use UMG. However could there be any benefit on using another solution like Paper2d (never tried it)? The game should run in low-specs smartphones or tablets, so performance is very important.

  2. I need to store data in an outside resource so it is easy to add any new categories/questions/answers. I must use SQLite for this. I found there is a plugin available in UE, never used it before. The idea is to load from SQLite (into a data table?) an amount of random-questions for each time the player starts a category.

  3. Users need to login in order to be able to access the game. I plan to use here a php script in an external web-server that would check the user-pass and give or deny access; and communicate to it via HTTP-POST. Is it HTTP-POST available by default in UE or do you suggest me a library or to develop my own based in Curl or similar?

  4. I have to save all the player activity: the questions they got, what they answered and if they did it correct or wrong. The score they got, etc. I will save it also in SQLite in the own device, and, when available I will dump it again to a webserver, via php script. For this I think again in another PHP script. Please note I don’t control the webserver.

Thank you for your time and any suggestion is very much appreciated :).