Suggestions on the best way to setup a character creation system with the 3rd person character BP

I’m trying to figure out the best way to setup a character creation system. What I’d like to do is load a map in which I can create my character; change my attributes, skills, etc. as well as see my character mesh with an idle animation. After completion, I would like to load another map and start the 3rd person character blueprint.

What would be the best way to set this up? Do I use a Pawn blueprint with a camera for the creation level,allowing me to use mouse interactions, or should I use the 3rd person character blueprint with a camera that’s setup to look at the mesh, and then deactivate the input controllers?


Use the character blueprint, but also there are full examples on the forums you should search out when you get a chance.

There are quite a few ways to approach doing it. I would also suggest what garner says and look through the forums. There are so many threads about character creation