Suggestions on how to go forward

With UE4’s photorealism, I am trying to use Unreal Engine as a learning platform for my physical science classes. For example, I want to show them what it would really be like to live on Mars as a team. Everything from how electricity would be generated, how oxygen would be created, how communications would be handled etc.

Here is my problem… I can’t assume all of my students have the same powerful computers so I can’t expect them to download a huge executable so their own computer can run the software. So I looked into Pixel Streaming and that looked promising at first until I realized the server would only stream one video/audio. The student’s would not have their own view of the scene. It seems like HTML5 is pretty much the same thing as pixel streaming so that’s out.

I even started looking at AWS Sumerian which gets hosted on AWS but it’s very limited. I’d really like to use UE4.

The only thing left to do is try to package different executables for all my students to include the low-end computers as well.

Can anyone else think of something I might be missing?

HMTL5 is not pixel streaming, it allows for browser-based 3D rendering, so it’s running on the user’s computer but you don’t have to install anything extra it just runs in the browser.