Suggestions on handling marketplace blueprint documentation?

I was curious on whats a good approach for documenting blueprint type packs on the marketplace? I just released my first bp pack recently and I’m getting emails asking for video tutorials and online documentation showing how all of the nodes work.

With my other packs it was mainly art assets and was not a big deal, but with bp packs it seems kind of strange to make a tutorial on explaining your whole system. I put alot of comments on the blueprints and have it very organized. I’m curious what other bp pack authors are doing?

I was considering using a document actor or I could use comment blocks for extra documentation in the blueprints. Making an ingame video would be cool too, but would increase the project size considerably.

Anyways, I was looking for an open discussion between authors, consumers, & Epic. =)

Have fun with your gamedev!

Here is what I did for this pack:

Decal BP Documentation

Plus inside of each collapsed node, I wrote comments on everything. It seems to be pretty straightforward, but I’m not the best judge as I made it :wink: