Suggestions on AMAZING vst softwares and librairies for epic/industrial trailer songs?

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in the thread title, I am looking for vst softwares (free or not) to help me create dark and intense trailer/cinematic themes.
I have been looking at Native Instrument, 8Dio and Cinesamples products and found some nice drum and percussion kits (such as Evolve, Damage or Action Strike) but that’s pretty much it.

Below the latest Batman Arkham Knight trailer. It suits pretty well with what I am looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and for your help :slight_smile:

Everyone has a nice day/evening.

The libraries by Heavyocity are always good to have for Trailers. AEON and Damage especially are great go-tos for almost any trailer music (paired with some nice strings and brass samples). Evolve is also good for what you have in that trailer

A bit more chaotic and less synthetic would be the AMS series by Strezov Sampling. But that one needs the full version of Kontakt (which is a great tool and a must-have for me, but very expensive.)

Those are what I can think of out of my head.

Damage, AEON and Evolve probably will be a great set of libraries for these kind of trailers.

Well I suggest you to take a look at ProjectSAM’s Symphobia and True Strike II. I use them and I think they are impressive. By the way if I’m not mistaken, there is a new percussion product that was created from Hans Zimmer’s own library. I forgot the name though but google is your friend :slight_smile:

Hi Wanderer,

I own Symphobia 1 & 2 and they are both cool even though I tend to work more with other libraries such as cinematic strings and action strings + orchestral brass classic + hollywood woodwinds. About True Strike, I don’t know much about it, I am in love with Action Strikes to be honest. They got a nice selection of percussions in my opinion.

I own HZ01 by Sptifire but I didn’t get the occasion to try The Los Angeles version yet. Actually, Action Strikes combined with Damage is really interesting.

@Tomura I didn’t know about Strezov Sampling. I checked out their products on their official page and they got interesting stuff such as Oracle or the AMS Brass for a very cheap price (compared to some other libraries sold by Native Instruments or Cinesamples for example)

Strezov has great prices for their producs. The reason is that those libraries are not licensed by Native Instruments. So they need Kontakt 4 or 5 to work, but won’t work with Kontakt Player. There also are other manufacturers who sell these kinds of libraries. SoundIron would be another one I like. (mostly for their Single Vocalist samples: Voices of Gaia/Rapture). The initial investment in Kontakt is pretty big (you can get quite a discount on Black Friday or if you have a product that grants you a discount), but if you have it you will have access to the world of Libraries not licensed by Native Instruments and also making your own.