Suggestions for the marketplace interface

I enjoy browsing the sales, but I find it a little overwhelming to go through 48 pages of marketplace items, sorting through items that are priced at $12 with a 10% discount. I would also assume that most people looking at sale items are still looking with their project in mind.
My suggestions to make sales easier to navigate:

  • Instead of having an ‘on sale’ tab, add filters for the sale discount in the UI so that we can still view sale items by category.
  • Add a sort option for sales of ‘greatest savings($)’ and ‘highest discount(%)’

With that, you probably don’t even need a section for ‘on sale’ and ‘event sale’, which is redundant when ultimately the customer doesn’t care if the item is included in the event sale or not - but the discount. If users are able to sort by sale price, it might also incentive creators to have discounts worth jumping on.


also a filter by category in the sale window would be really appreciated!

BTW: have a look at this file i have found on reddit for better identify what you need!