Suggestions for the beta launcher

I think that the “View/Launch” section of the recent game window should be larger than the news section, like maybe the news should be on the right (tall and rectangular) and maybe that specific section (the rectangular one I was talking about earlier) can be switched between the friends list and news, the rest of the launcher would contain the menu (home, library, etc.) and ofcourse the game section (view/launch) would be in the center

Here are my gripes with the new beta launcher:
1, It does not remember last active tab, and always reverts back to the “Unreal Engine” tab, arguably the least useful tab. I would like it to always open on Library tab, like the old one did.
2, The scrolling performance on Unreal Engine tab is abysmal, especially on my hardware (GTX1080Ti). When using middle mouse button click to scroll smoothly, the scrolling framerate is about 5-10FPS.
3, You can scroll using MMB on all tabs except “Library” tab.

My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t add anything useful. All this does is make a mess of what was once a simple easy to use launcher that worked fine. Are there any significant plans for this that justify such a radical change to the launcher layout?

I would have been a lot more ok with this if we were getting some kind of improvements with it but this seems like nothing more than a redesign out of boredom or simply to “refresh” the launcher and to me that is an awful idea.

When are we ever going to get the ability to customize our vault? I’m still looking at seriously outdated items that the author no longer supports and I am unable to at least hide the items from view so they don’t continue to clutter my vault. I cannot favorite specific vault items or do any other type of organizing to help simplify finding and using things that I own. This should have been included or some other type of benefit if we were going to be forced to make such a drastic change to how things are arranged in the launcher.

I only use the launcher for Unreal Engine, so after I turn on “Hide Game Library” (thanks for that btw!), my left menu bar is basically empty and takes up a lot of screen real estate. I’d love to be able to collapse that left bare to be small with just the icons visible.

Basically, the left bar used to be useful to me, now I have to use the top bar to go between Library, Marketplace, etc. Might as well get the left bar out of the way in my case.

Example attached: