Suggestions for Submit to source control, and BP documentation nodes

A few suggestions I’d like to share:

Integrated source control submission dialog

  1. The text box for the changelist description (File/Submit to source control) is way too small. I’d like to see a multi-line thing here, with word wrapping, basically a small notepad window. In its current state, it practically encourages nondescript one-liners that will leave you scratching your head when looking through the logs a few days later…

  2. Further more, since the submission procedure blocks any interaction with the rest of the editor (and I fully understand why it does that) it would be very helpful if there was some sort of scratch pad available, in which one could write down notes on the fly, intended to go into the changelist description later on. Text written into this scratch pad would automatically be copied to the changelist description text field once a submission is made.

Rationale: I like to write rather extensive changelists, mostly because it’s really handy as a sort of documentation. When resuming work, I take a quick peek at my change logs to see what I was up to in the previous session, and quickly get up to speed.

When doing a lot of work before submitting, it’s quite difficult to remember everything you’ve done - and that’s where the scratch pad would come in handy. The obvious work-around is to simply have an external text editor running, for quick notes, but an integrated solution would definitely be nice to have.

Blueprint documentation nodes

For more complex Blueprints, it would be great to have nodes specifically designed for documentation purposes only. Sure, we can write stuff in comment boxes, but you quickly get to a point where they become a bit unwieldy, mainly because the font is really large, and everything ends up on one single line without word wrapping (while you’re editing the comment).

To solve this, I’d like to suggest something with a smaller standard font and a multi-line window, purpose-built for more extensive texts and comments.

That is all - and make it so :slight_smile:

We actually have a WIP feature that is a “documentation node”. It is basically the same functionality as the rich tooltips, e.g. it displays the contents of an excerpt from a .udn file on disk. I don’t know what release it will ultimately make it into, but it will give you the ability to display paragraphs, images, headings, etc. directly in a node in the Blueprint Editor.

That sounds promising, Jeff. Thanks for the info!