Suggestions for objects

Im kind of new to this program and i really want you guys tell me if I should buy the objects such as chairs, beds, etc. or make them myself, i really consider the first option, but the items in the store are really short in number. My main use of the software is archviz. Pls help!

If you make them yourself it’ll be cheaper and you can make it exactly how you want, if you buy them then you’re limited to what’s available. Not everything has to be specifically made for UE4, you can take props from other sources and set them up to work in UE4.

You can get good quality images with bought assets a lot faster than making them yourself. If you need a very specific peace, you could make it yourself, or alter what you have bought in your 3D-Application. If you search for some Archviz demos in UE4 there often is a link where you can get these Assets.