Suggestions for a Graduate-Level CS Project

Hello all!

I wanted to start here to ask you guys if there were any outstanding issues in the source code related to performance, memory, parallel programming, etc. that would be fit to use for a graduate-level computer science project. Please let me know if perhaps I should ask somewhere else (or a specific someone else), but this seemed like the best spot from what I could see!

I’m very passionate about gaming and love programming (especially programming “to the metal”, so to speak, in C++) and would love any suggestions for any issues or “nice-to-haves” for the Unreal Engine.

Thanks for your time!

A look at the roadmap might be a good first start, look for “planned” features that look interesting to you. If you dont have full intrest, you’ll lose intrest.

Nice to have suggestion: Rather than focusing on performance tweaks, how about adding more Procedural Tools…

In-game Dynamic Terrain / Landscapes… (No Man’s Sky like procedural features)…
In-editor construction scripts for custom terrains / landscapes…