Suggestions: Better Organization Options

This is both a suggestion and a question. Is there a way to organize the lines that connect between pins on graph editor nodes? I am a little OCD, and having my connector lines running behind nodes and getting all criss-crossed and what not drives me nutz. If these features do not already exist, here is what I am suggesting (plus a few more):

  1. Graph Lines:The ability to place ‘pins’ along connection lines to constrain their shape/path in the editor graphs
  2. Node Scaling:The ability to resize/scale graph nodes.
  3. Variable/Function Organization:The ability to move variables/functions up/down in the variables/functions lists both in the BP Editor and in the Widget Editor like we can inside Structs/Enums.
  4. The ability to create API style documentation files from Blueprints. Bonus points: It contains decent formatting and a .png screen grab of the enclosed nodes. Bonus Plus Points: Able to export said documentation to XML/HTML5/PDF. Super Bonus Points: Contains links to all used functions in the graph. Mega Super Bonus Points: Include a dockable ‘Document’ window that contains API information for any node selected in the graph that has documentation created for it.
  1. Search the context menu for Reroute. This has been in since 4.3 or 4.4, can’t remember which.
  2. Don’t know of a way to do that, but might be nice if you want to accentuate a function.
  3. Select your variable or function, go in the details panel, and change the category from default to whatever you type in.
  4. I think a dev already replied to this on the forums.

Hi ,

Thank you for your feedback, we will take this into consideration.

For number 3, I am actually not talking about the categorization. Open up a UMG, add a bunch of text objects, and then try to organize them in the menu. That is what I am talking about.