Suggestions about ios and android development

Hi all, this is my first post in this amazing community!
I have a couple of questions and I would like to read your opinion.
My situation is the following: I would like to develop little games for ios and android using UE4, but I have to buy a laptop in order to develop for lot of reasons ( not enough space, I travel a lot etc etc. ).
My first choice was a MacBook pro, since I know that I need a mac in order to develop ios app ( I have to register as ios developer ) but I’ve seen that UE4 can’t ship Android app from OSX ( not yet at least, it’s in the wishlist ).
So now I think for me it’s better to buy a gaming windows laptop with a proper graphic card ( maybe also with better performance than macbook pro) in order to use UE4, and buy the cheapest mac ( a mini mac I think, also refurbished I don’t care ) to use only for registering as ios developer and nothing else.
What do you think? It’s a stupid solution?
Just to be sure: If I’ll use exclusively blueprints, can I ship ios app from windows version of UE4? So with a windows machine can I develop for both android and ios?

Thank you in advance, any suggestion is really appreciated!

A Windows machine can deploy content-only projects. You need OSX to compile C++ projects.

Hi Zanna,

You need a Mac to do the final App Store submission, but you can develop and iterate on content-only projects deploying from a PC.

Michael Noland

A Mac with a Bootcamp partition is perfect for dual boot OS X/Windows.

So. A “content-only project,” is just: meshes, material, textures, foliage, landscape, etc. . . ? No code? No blueprints? I’ve seen the phrase “content-only project” a few times here in the forum and it seems pretty self explanatory, but I never know for sure until I ask. Thanks.

“Content-only” MAY include blueprints but MAY NOT include C++ code. So you can actually do quite a lot on a Windows machine towards building an IOS game before you need a Mac.

I personally would not recommend trying to develop 3D games on a Macbook because AFAIK every Macbook runs craptastic Intel Graphics. Much better to get a Windows Gaming PC with a discreet graphics card to work with.

Also, have you considered using to set up your Apple Developer ID and compile for IOS? It could be a much cheaper option than buying a Mac just for that!

“Content-Only” = Blueprint and assets. (No Code)

Thank you very much for all the replies guys! Now I have a better idea about what to do.

I didn’t know nothing about, I’ll definitely look it! Thank you.

Not entirely true, high-end Macs like the high-end Macbook Pro, some iMacs and of course the Mac Pro come with dedicated graphics. Sadly, the performance still isn’t that great. Hopefully UE4 gets more usable as it gets more optimized, but right now I wouldn’t recommend working on macs only.

“Content-only” MAY include blueprints but MAY NOT include C++ code"
“Content-Only” = Blueprint and assets. (No Code)

Good to know!
Thanks Guys

Yep! has do to with the need for Xcode when working on iOS code projects :slight_smile: