These are not spambots. These are actual people creating these threads. So a captcha is not going to help. Banning IPs is also not practical because of the dynamic IP allocation used by many ISPs. But we are aware of the issue and is doing everything we can to quickly clear out spams and bann the user accounts. A new system to block spams is also in works.

Actual people? hmm, very sad… because they create a bijillion threads that they know that they won’t get our attention… and will eventually get deleted by a moderator…
like why don’t epic make a system… like new thread every 3 minutes… posts per day… check the same title of threads…


String title = anArrayYouCreated.init();

if(getThreadTitle().contains() == title) { <– add a string between () of contains… I forgot what the name of the code was lol, long time since I did Java… mainly JFRAME…
System.out.println(“Your Thread Title has the same name as one of your earlier threads”);

like everyone could have an array :smiley: I wrote that so you can understand me…

that’s JAVA

Believe me, they’re working on a system to try and block the spam and make sure that it also doesn’t delete real threads. One of the problems with a simple keyword block is that they can do little changes to the words to get around it.