We need a options in the Unreal Launcher that Allows us to change the target Dev Kit Folder. As of now Switching Dev kit folders from Unreal Drive to Spare Holding drive around and vice versia For My TC and my GameMode Mods gets frustrating to say the least. Would be nice to be able to make multiple Ark Dev Kits Folders/paths and have a option in the launcher to use which one simple management for multiple mods.

For me, all I have been doing is keeping both folders in the same place. When I want to use my TC folder, I rename my “mod” folder to ContentMain, and I name my TC folder to just Content. Then when I want to go back to working on mods, my TC folder gets renamed to ContentTC and my mod folder gets renamed back to Content.

The ADK automatically loads the “Content” folder as the game folder. As long as you have a separate copy of both and you keep them named appropriately, you will not run into any problems this way.

Well this works fine for me, I have been switching complete devkit folders around 2 Sperate Drives up untill this point. God dam i feel dumb hahaha Cheers for the tip.