[Suggestion wanted] good shooter animations

can you guys suggest me a good animation package good for shooter game which support animation of: knife, pistol, rifle, shotgun, grenades, with stand, crouch, and prone.
i tried Kubold animation but a lot of animation looks just horrible :(, and idle is shaking too much., i also read the reviews of MoCap Pro animation set and that does not encourages me to buy it.

so what do you suggest for me , either from marketplace or outside (it doesn’t really matter).

Hello dude.

Take a look at these:


However, be aware that even purshasing game-ready animations, they will never fit to your project with a one click button :smiley:

You will need to have a good knowledge with 3D to be able to edit and fix these animations for fit to your skeleton, because it will most likely to be very different from the skeleton of these animations.

As for death animations, I prefer do myself with custom mocap by using a xbox360 kinect camera, and the IPI Soft (http://ipisoft.com/download/), it’s easy, fast, and FUN :smiley:

thanks bro for your suggestion, so there is no good game ready animation can be used directly , sadly i’m zero experience with 3D and modeling besides animating :confused:
but i appreciate your answer :wink:

Hello dude, never mind :smiley:

Yes, there are good game ready animations to be used, however, they are not “my game ready” :smiley:

I am developing a third peson shooter in UDK/UE3, and I am use tons of mocap and game ready animations, however I had the need to edit one by one of these animations to fit in my game.

Anyway, if you purchase from Unreal Marketplace a pack with Game Ready animations already edited and fitted for UE4 Skeleton, then you can yes use them with one click, so long as all your characters use the default UE4 Skeleton, even though you can retarget the animations from one character to another in UE4 (different skeletons). But me, personally, prefeer to retarget animations from different skeletons using motion builder.