Suggestion: Tutorial/Development oriented live streams

Tutorial/Development oriented live streams would be great!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that would benefit from those.

Specially if we could have someone building a Slate Interface from scratch.

I actually do live streaming of development in Unreal Engine 4 on twitch. I’m working on a set of tutorials for absolute beginners to Unreal Engine (and Unity, as well as the absolute basics of game design), but I haven’t finished recording them yet. I have a basic set of questions that I am working from, just going to take some time to get them all recorded and edited.

You can find the live streams that I do on twitch at:

They aren’t all that exciting right now, but I always answer questions whenever I am asked one. If you (or anyone else) wants to jump in, please let me know, as I am more than willing to work on some projects NOT related to current games that are in-development at Accordion if it helps folks learn some basics and increase their knowledge beyond that Epic has already provided in its tutorials. I’m sure there are things that others on here are more knowledgeable than I am with respect to the engine, so it’d be great to get them involved as well.

You can post about this here:!