Suggestion to improve Unreal Engine about game design


So last night, I was thinking about giving a definition for video games, its raw definition, it was difficult but I did it and the answer is:

  • A video game is an imitation of the real life, objects that interact between them with movement as action.

That’s all, and with this definition, we can make all video games on the earth as a Call of Duty, Battlefield, World of Warcraft, it’s simple, isn’t ? we just need to create objects, place them in a world space and apply movements to interact between them.

Why I picked up only objects, because everything is object, the camera, the player and its skeleton, the weapon, the sky paper, the bullet, the vehicles, the planets, the water, everything as in real life.

This definition of course, not include the trivial elements as sound, texture, animation (that is just a pre-recorded movement for players/object), light, ect.

It’s because I said it’s a raw definition and I define it by an imitation of the real life, and in the real life, all those elements cannot be dissociate because an object cannot exist without texture nor sound when it’s been hit with other objects and nor light for the sun/light bulb.

But here’s the problem about Unreal Engine, this simple fact to add object in a space, add interaction with movements are really complex and complicate.

By that I mean the context menu not seem to be sorted and logically categorized, it’s just a bunch of random categories added there.

By the way AddStaticMeshComponent() is limited as it only accept object as the actor and not the other objects from the scene.

It’s really frustrating when it’s impossible to doing that, so impossible to make a video game whereas ironically, its definition is really simple as build the universe of a video game within 10sec within the mind.

So the solution is simple, just highlight this programming in blueprints of adding and moving objects by adding, sorting, show functions at first, not limit function to special objects, ect ect.

I don’t think you understand video games at all

So I am not the only person that don’t understand video games, else every programmers can doing that and it’s not the case.

And I am not talking about 2D game or something like, but 3D video game as Call of Duty or WoW.

In that case, don’t you think that it’s time to make it easy instead reserve this job for a small portion of skilled person ?

All video game that are a little complex into object management have their source code not open to the public whereas all the video game that are like mine actually are open to the public, is it an hazard ? I don’t think so.

The feature you’re talking about changing is actually meant to make game development easier and your definition of a video game (even 3D video games) is completely false, it only applies to very few games.

So what is a video game for you ?