Suggestion to improve Learn UE initial experience with marketplace project files

Hi all,

Small suggestion for improvement in Learn.UE when starting new courses and downloading marketplace project files.

  • Problem: What did I redeemed? Where is the project files in my library?

  • Suggestion: Add the Course Project Files description with the Marketplace code and, if possible, link to the marketplace page.

Linking the Marketplace page helps to directly go to the course project files and immediately start download and creating.

What this improvement will fix?

Today my experience was:

  • Start new course!
  • Redeem marketplace code.
  • Close the EGS launcher.
  • Open EGS launcher. (to force refresh the library)
  • Search library for the course title “UE5 Early Access Quickstart”.
    – “UE5”, nope
    – “Early”, nope
    – “Access”, nope
    – “Quickstart”, found!
    Marketplace page and Library title is “Unreal Engine 5 Quickstart Course Files”.


I saw that Redeem Code now show up the package title, that’s great, thanks!


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