[Suggestion] Separate UE4 development and UT discussions from main search

Searching in yields mostly results from the UT forums at the top since it’s very popular, and actual UE4 topics and questions are getting buried. It would be great to be able to select a search mode or ignore the UT discussion threads all together in that search since it’s supposed to be a UE4 doc search anyway.

As someone who is mostly interested in UE4 for Unreal Tournament right now (though I have a much stronger general interest level than the rest of that community) I felt extremely bad for the hard-working developers who tuned into the Unreal Engine stream yesterday only to find a bunch of banter about UT in chat, and to have to come onto the forums to find even more bantering. It makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs and that’s obnoxious.

The UT community is extremely passionate about the project, so I can’t fault them there. I’m just hoping epic can find a way to allow devs not working on UT stuff to easily filter UT-related content out of Doc searches. I think even making it optional works, because I’m sure there will be tons of resources for general development to be found in the UT area, but right now it’s tough to parse through all the content.

It’s easy to filter the search to just show documentation if that is what you are seeking. Just click the Documentation tab at the top of the results.

Filtering UT forum threads out of the forum results is a more difficult problem because of the way the forums are organized currently. I will definitely bring this up at our community sync up next week to see if there is anything we can do. You can probably do a complex query to exclude the UT forums, but no one wants to have to do that for every search.

Off-topic - the search on the docs site is actually meant to be a site-wide search used everywhere on It just happens that I created it so we would have searchable documentation at launch, so it was initially integrated into the docs site. We have plans to add it to all of the other sites. Hopefully we can set it up to allow you to filter the results when searching using a simple UI so people only see the results they want (at least initially).

Please do consider it. I used to search but I don’t anymore unless I absolutely have to, because there’s so much noise in there from the UT forums that it’s faster to find the information in other ways. I honestly can’t figure out why you used the same forum for two very different communities.

I think they did it, because the UT users/modders also have to know stuff about the UE4 :slight_smile:

and it also worked in the old forum (UDK, Infinity Blade, UT3, UT20043/04, GoW,…) →

Yes and no. The Epic forums have one main forum for each of those that acted as a container and then all the subforums that contained the threads were under each of those. That allows for better filtering. That’s what I want to inquire about.

Ah ok, good to know, thx for the info :slight_smile:

I agree. I frequently log in and click “New Posts” to see if there is any new info. available about the engine that would be helpful to my learning process and I have to try to sort through tons of posts about UT.

I think these boards should be dedicated to the developers and the engine. Another separate forum site should be dedicated to UT.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I also find myself wishing for this separation!

Yes, +1 to better separation.

For the time being the link at the top for “What’s New UE4” is helpful, but perhaps an easier way to search just UE4 (excluding UT) would be appreciated.