Suggestion: reduce CPU utilization when minimized

I noticed my home-office gets a bit warmer after running the UnrealEngine editor for a while. Looking into it, even when minimized the app keeps a core of the CPU pretty busy for no good (?) reason. Sure, supporting the eye-candy, etc is nice while the window is visible, but it would be great if the app went idle better (suspend animations, suspend worker threads, etc) when minimized. I’m sure the laptop users would appreciate it too.

Just an idea for the suggestion-box.

+1 for this.

+2 (10 characters)

+1 from me and another +3 from my coworkers :slight_smile:

one more +1 from the user in 2020!
Editor consumes 100% of 1 of the CPU cores even in a minimized state. What a shame, Epic!

Hey Epic, any chance of making this a !=0 priority? Yes, I’ve gotten used to hacking the engine into submission by pausing the entire process, but this is such an embarrassingly ugly solution. Surely in 2021 we can do better?

Guys, your only (slim) hope is that UE 4.27 aka UE 5 will finally adress the resource consumption problems. We have been complaining about such things for years to no avail, as can be seen by the dates of this discussion, so don’t be disappointed if they won’t.