[Suggestion] Rectangle Select tool


Could integrate developers a tool known to all, Rectangle Select tool (Which has-been very helpful in graphics engines like Cryengine 3) to select many items in box “escene outliner”, Content Browser and/or static meshes in editor.
Maybe they can develop a tool alongside of moving, rotating and scaling

Thanks and keep up this powerful tool

Hi Jhosep,

Thank you for your feedback. I have looked into your requests and I can say that we have a way to “select many […] static meshes in editor” by pressing Ctrl+Alt Left-Click you can drag out a selection box in viewport.

In content browser, you can use Shift and Ctrl to select multiple assets, but not in way you have described with dragging a selection box. I have created a feature request for this and entered it into our database.

Scene Outliner is a list and you can select a range of assets in it by Shift+Left-clicking two objects in list. Is there something that a box selection would be able to do in Scene Outliner that this does not accomplish?



wow… Thank you very much for responding, are very good news, is great. I can work much faster now, Greetings!

Any reason why it wouldn’t work? Is there a way to toggle box selection off?

Hey ssjjessy,

This is an old Archive post from our beta users, put here for reference. If you have a new question about this, please feel free to create a new post so we can give you updated information there. Thanks!