Suggestion: Marketplace Documents

So this is a bit of a stretch, but I was thinking about a system where after you buy any item in the marketplace, you can click on a button that will (preferably in the launcher) open up documents put together by the item creators to help assist with the implementation of the X purchased item. Just a set of either PDF’s or even privately set youtube videos that people who have purchased whatever items can use in order to familiarize themselves with whatever they may have purchased.

This sounds like a good idea we can consider looking into for the marketplace. :slight_smile:

Even better if content creators would have to stick to the Epic documentation guidelines, so the documentation would be in a standardized format. :slight_smile:

Well, it would help with quite a few things. Content creators would be able to make video guides as to how to do X and Y, and implementation of said content into projects, etc - - without the links being shared. (Private video, accessible only by links, but the links are not exposed in the launcher). It’d be a great way to have guides to the content, especially blueprint work, while keeping them confidential and accessible only to the people who purchased said content.

Someone mentioned this a while ago. This is definitely something I’m looking into as a marketplace seller. Using a mixture of text and video documentation to outline the uses of the packages, and how to tweak parameters to your liking. The only issue is finding time to do it between the development on the packs, but it’s definitely in the cards for me personally. =)