[Suggestion] Map delete key to delete folder/asset in content browser on Mac

Hi Guys,

One thing we noticed was (at least on OSX), that the delete key is not bound to deleting assets when they are selected in the content browser. Is this something we can map ourselves?

If not, can we have the option to do so or have it added as a standard binding?

Thank you very much!


Hi Tommy!

The Delete key is bound to delete asset command. Though on OS X there are quite a number of Delete keys. There is Forward Delete (which is Fn+Big Delete Key also sometimes they put a small delete key on Mac keyboards that does it). There’s also the Big Delete key that functions as the Backspace virtual key. For the Delete action in UI shortcuts we mapped it to the Big Delete key (Backspace) on OSX, instead of Fn+Delete, because the small delete key isn’t always available on their keyboards.

One thing we are probably going to end up adding is multiple keybindings so that we can just map Delete and Fn+Delete to the Delete command to solve these kinds of problems.

You can remap it in the Keybindings in the editor preferences if you’d like to switch it.

Nick (Epic Games)

Thank you Nick!!!