Suggestion from "Record Animation"


Please this coming UE4.7 version, i suggest to combine this Stop Recording to Reverse and Play button. To less to modify/delete exceeded key frame and will less clicking mouse while Recording. :slight_smile:


Suggestion from “Record Animation”

Hi ,

When you press play or reverse the arrows turn into pause buttons which effectively stop the animation. If you added a “stop” button in between the arrows what are you gaining that you don’t already have by pressing pause?

I’ll be happy to enter a feature request on your behalf if you can describe an advantage I am missing.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, Happy new year, not in between. if any of this play and rewind they will be automatic stop record when they wanna stop. its good for not exceeding time :slight_smile: from frame

Happy New Year Peude!

I’ve entered the feature request JIRA [UE-7081] to add a stop button or feature in the preview window closer to the notify timeline. Thanks for the clarification. (If this is still not what you mean, let me know and I can adjust the request.)

also wold be great to make clear record just from start to stop of animation
this help if u need to record retargeted animation with bones spaced to skeleton