Suggestion for VR best practices doc

As I get up to speed on VR in UE4 the best practices guide has been invaluable, but I noticed it doesn’t have any information about the actual frame rate settings for the engine. It’d be useful in the section where it talks about device frame rates if it also made some suggestions for appropriate engine settings (fixed vs smooth, if fixed should it be set to the precise frame rate of your target device, if smooth what should the range and target be, etc).


The recommended .ini settings are here -

Not sure if that’s what you mean though.

Edit: Okay, I missed the part saying you had already read that page. Ignore me.

Yeah the ini settings are a great strat, but they don’t cover the following engine settings (probably because they’d need to be device specific?):

  • bSmoothFrameRate
  • bUseFixedFrameRate
  • FixedFrameRate
  • SmoothedFrameRateRange
  • MinDesiredFrameRate

Some text around how these settings work with vr content, if they’re needed, and what the recommended settings are is what I’m suggesting should be added