Suggestion for new Tool : External Blueprint Viewer

Looking at the amount of blueprint related issues in UE4, I’m requesting Epic to seriously consider creating an external Blueprint tool.

Basically it would be an external tool that allows us to open the blueprint to view/edit its metadata.
A lot of blueprint information seems to have a lot of unseen data that users cannot see let alone edit.
With this, some of the crashes is causing a blueprint to be permanently unable to be open ,
although this is happening much more lesser in 4.7 onwards, I believe there’s still a possibility of it happening in future.
Blueprint itself is good, it simplifies a lot of things , however this also means beneath the friendly names , tags and category
there are much more going on. At times , some process fail and we encounter blueprint bugs, with this tool , we can look deeper
into what are the expected data and where it doesn’t match.

Suggested features :

  • Allow viewing of references in an organized manner
  • Allow viewing and editing of parent class externally
  • Allow viewing and editing the function names/arguments/ in reasonably flexible manner.
  • Allow viewing of certain compiled data ( like ubergraphs )

I would agree some of these editing can cause broken things that are beyond repair. But I would make backup and take the risk.
On top of this being necessarily useful at times when blueprint are broken , it will also be a great deal of help
when we’re tracking bugs that doesn’t seems to make sense.

Hey FrozenFire,

Thank you for suggesting features that will make the Unreal Engine even better. I have submitted a feature request to our developers. If for any reason you need to reference this feature request, please refer to: UE-12590.


also need material editor with model preview like in Marmoset Toolbag but with unreal engine render and materials system (for example if i need to see my models or create fast material with fast and tiny tool and FAST SHADER COMPILATION) better in browser