Suggestion for Matinee organization please!

I’ve always found myself both wanting and needing organization options for the matinee editor! The ability to move around the order of cameras/actors/etc. on the left side vertical bar being the biggest option needed. I am a very neat and organized person and so I number all of my cameras and have them in the order for the sequence that they play in the movie. However if I need to, for example, add a camera in-between two camera moves it is just added on to the bottom of the list. This can get a bit annoying having to go down to that specific camera to make changes and then back up if I need to make changes to the camera before or after it. If I were able to rearrange the order of the list then I could just move that camera up and it wouldn’t be a problem!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my feedback!

Hi Lowpology,

Thanks for the suggestion, I have logged it for consideration. We are planning a significant overhaul of Matinee in the not-too-distant future, so I wouldn’t expect many new changes until then. Also, do keep in mind that you can at least use Folders in that list to help organize your Groups, although you cannot rearrange these either. Another workaround you could use is to Cut/Paste the groups you have into the order that you want.


Thanks for the quick reply, I look forward to the major update! I have tried the cut and paste option before but it will just paste it to the bottom of the list as well. Am I doing something wrong then if there is a way that I can cut/past cameras in a different order?


Apologies, I was using copy and paste! I never thought to cut and paste! Would love to be able to rearrange in the future but at least this is a work around for now!