[Suggestion/Fix] Expose properties of component in Area Light Actors

Due to the fix for Custom Pivot being making a mesh a child component of a Scene Actor. This has caused a major usability problem for everyone by not being able to easily change the properties on that object when working with multiple objects. Selecting them in the World Editor does not show the Mesh properties so that all of them could be changed together.
The same problem now occurs when Area Lights are created as the Light Component is now a child of the mesh.

So to fix this we are currently modifying the DatasmithAreaLightMesh blueprint to be able to expose the Point Light’s Intensity as a variable, and then in the Construction Script we set that value to the Point Light Component as shown below. This is tedious for every property we might need to change on the component so please set bEditableWhenInherited=true or VisibleAnywhere to the Point Light Component and expose it to the details panel so that it can be modified on multiple objects easily.

Thank you.