SUGGESTION: Filter New Messages Per "Sub" Board

Been here since day 1. It has been awesome seeing all the information.

I frequently use “New Posts” and it is fantastic to be able to scan down the list to find things that I would have otherwise missed, or that got buried.

However, now with the new “UT” project, which is great, the new posts are flooded with a ton of noise, greatly reducing the chance of finding some of those hidden gems.

A “New Posts” with the ability to toggle what sub-boards I want to search (profile option, drop down filters?) would be keen.


As he said, with a simple filter to hide messages from specific boards in the New Posts section.

I would welcome a feature like this, too, if it’s possible with this forum software.

I will move this thread into the “Feedback” section so that it is in the right place :slight_smile:

Thanks for the move.

Yeah, I am not saying filter it auto, obviously leave it up to the end user.

Just like with the advanced search, you can selectively pick which sub-boards to search, I’d love a similar option for the “new posts” link.

Inside of 24 hours this went from a totally great link to use to see a cross section of development work to nothing but Unreal Tournament posts.

I get UT is a hot thing, but so is actually using UE4 to develop. That is why I am here, not to make the next Warframe.


Similar suggestion =)