[Suggestion] Extend the Blueprint Connector System

I did my first go at a large blueprint asset this weekend and ****, the pin/node connector snake things are pretty annoying when they go anywhere but right.

Can they be extended so that:

  • The re-route nodes can have their end points reversed.
  • Connector nodes are added so that you can connect to a node on the right (or left) of the blueprint and have it “wirelessly” connect to another node on the opposite side of the blueprint.

Examples in the attached image.


(All hail my paint skills!)

How would people know where the wirelessly connected node is connected?
You can use custom events for that and it’s a bit more clear

In my graphic I suggest colour coding the wireless nodes. However, I’m not a UI designer. I suppose I could break it down into functions and just string those together.

I’d still love #1 to be possible!

#1 would be great.

I could also love the ability to cut & paste connections between identical pins. It used to save alot of time when reworking kismet UE3 and I find not having it here slows similar work down.

Oftentimes I’ve found that messy blueprints are a symptom of me not engineering them well or correctly. It’s a clue that I need to think about how and if I’m abstracting things. There are a lot of tools that can be used to keep things cleaner, such as functions, macros, and custom events.

I would be happy with a flag that just reversed the reroute node so i could route it back to a section under the current nodes instead of having to stretch wayyyyyy to the right if i want it routed nice and tidy.

The reroute node could come in named pairs. Vall them “vias” :slight_smile:
This way you could have a “wireless” connection between nodes that is not ambigous.
I saw a training twitch from Zak Parrish where he used local vairables to keep things tidy…

PS: It would be super cool thoigh, if the input and output nodes could point out in all directions and having node paths that can be laid out with straight edges, not arcs.
Basicallly like a circuit board.
Sure it could get complicated because the flow is not neccessaryily strictly from left to right anymore, but it would allow for compact layouts…

Could make it an option called Advanced Flow Control.
I’ve thought about these same ideas before, and other people I’ve talked to have as well so it’s something i think would have a decent amount of support.