Suggestion: explose ini option for Blueprint/Mat editor's workspace auto-panning.

This might already exist somewhere, or have been answered elsewhere (search brought up no results) if so, my apologies for this.

When you click and hold a node in either the material editor or in blueprints you can then drag that node to reposition it. That’s pretty intuitive, however, if you touch the edge of the screen with the node then the viewport will “auto scroll” to try and show more of the workspace…which is also pretty intuitive …in theory. However the viewport auto-scroll speed, at least for me, here is insanely fast–oftentimes moving the node way out into no man’s land and requiring me to zoom out to figure out where the heck everything is again–which causes me to lose track of where I was in a complex wiring arrangement.

It’s a small thing, but it would be nice if that default autopan speed or either slower, or settable in an ini file somewhere (maybe it is?)

So, it seems that the autopan speed is related to the distance you drag off from the viewable workspace…it might just be that that margin is too narrow–or that it would benefit from a buffer close to the workspace frame to help prevent accidental autopanning (which happens a lot, at least to me). I also noticed that this behavior was in UDK/UE3 as well, though I think that Kismet & the UE3 material editors’ more minimal UI (and thus larger workable workspace real estate) meant that it triggered on accident a little less frequently.

Is the auto-scroll based on frame rate instead of time? Or is there some way to set the max speed – I also have this problem, where it scrolls WAY too fast.

I think the autoscroll is based on how CLOSE you are to the edge of the window, however there’s only about 2-3 pixels of tolerance between pretty slow and WAAAAY too fast.