[Suggestion] Easy Blueprint Exporting

Hello everyone,
I’m pretty new to this kind of things, to be honest, i just like messing around with stuff (mainly their engines) but one morning i was like "you know what? i’m going to see how “Hard” it is to make something in unreal engine, and why i’m at it, why not support epic by actually paying for unreal engine 4 (worth the money so far), but while i was trying to get assets from different pre made projects into my own project, i ran into problems, missing textures, un-linked blueprints, you name it, just a handfull of original meshes actually were able to be used.

As a person who likes messing around with things, i thought to my self, “real developers should find this a pain” since re-using old assets in new projects speeds things up doesn’t it?

So here is my suggestion, could you add some sort of button, that exports a blueprint into some sort of package (or multiple blueprints into one big package) so you can easily import it into your other project without having to worry about re-texturing the **** butterflies, or re-animating the gun so it can actually shoot bullets?

Hi Aneko-chan,

You can use the migrate tool to move content across from one project to another. Open the source project and migrate the content to the destination project using the content browser (

Michael Noland

ah thanks, as you can see i’m new to unreal engine and didn’t know it was in there :slight_smile: are there any “resource packs” i can use for my projects? and if so, where do i find them?

You can download a bunch of different samples from the marketplace, and migrate content out of any of them into your game. There’s also a set of starter content that can be auto-included when making new projects (a few meshes, materials, particle systems, etc…).

Michael Noland

I, too would like to be able to export one or more blueprints into a package to share with other people. I don’t want to have the overhead of a whole project that gets copied around… please take this into consideration.

Wtf, seriously I can’t understand why there is no an option to export blueprints. Would be nice to share or transfer between projects (yeah, it is migration but only if you ave both projects in same computer).

Hi Carlos,

You don’t have to migrate specifically to another game project on your computer. You can simply create a folder on your desktop, or any location really, then migrate your assets to that newly created folder. Then you can zip up and share that as you see fit. All anyone has to do is drop the contents of the folder into their game folder for their project and so long as they don’t change the folder structure there will not be any references lost so that the BP and other asset work as intended.

I hope this helps.



It’s really cool !