Suggestion: Dynamic Timeline Variables

Im working on an advanced movement system for my game and it would be easier if i could set variables for:

Time For each key

Value of each key (in float or integer)

Im trying to make it so that my character will slowly speed up at a smooth rate. But i also want to make it so that when my character is injured they move at a slower rate or at a slower overall speed.

you can do all of what your looking to do via the character movement component. for the slowly speeding up part change acceleration and for moving slower set the max walk speed. you could also try the set float curve node.

if your trying to create a movement system using timelines well i personally wouldnt do that as its not optimal for performance and it may be more difficult trying to do pathing and not moving through things. but then again thats just my opinion.

I agree with what Thompson said. To add on to that, timelines already support dynamic information.

When you add a timeline, it actually creates a timeline component in your graph. If you drag that component into your graph you will be able to drag off it’s node pin and call a bunch of functionality on it somewhere else in your logic before even running execution to the timeline.