[Suggestion] Don't have the "restore open tabs" prompt fade away

When I close the editor, I usually have the various things I was working on (a.lot of blueprints, generally) open when I close the editor so that I will get the prompt to re-open those tabs so I can resume work quicker. However, it’s quite annoying when I open the editor, tab over to something else while it loads, then come back to see that the prompt is gone and I have to go through and re-open all those tabs again.

I get this is a minor gripe, but it’s proving to be far more annoying than it has any right to be. It also just seems like a weird thing to have fade out, especially when there is a checkbox on the prompt to not display it again. This means that every time I open up the editor and forget to click that button in the 10 seconds I get to remember it, I have to go through and open the ten blueprints I was editing before, all in different folders, etc, etc. It’s just a little annoying and something that I think could have a very simple fix. Like maybe an hour of a single engineer’s time to fix this one little thing.

Anyways, thanks for letting me rant about this lol. I hope we can see this change.

Hey fragfest2012,

In case you aren’t already aware, there is a setting that will force the editor to always open all tabs that were previously visible. Go to:

Edit > Editor Preferences > General section > Loading & Saving

And enable the “Restore Open Asset Tabs on Restart” setting, which will force the tabs to always re-open.

Hope that helps!

, you are Unreal Engine Jesus. Thank you so much!!