Suggestion: Default value change quicker


If I RMB on a value stepper in 3dsMax it sets the value to 0 or the lowest possible value.

It may be good to have that in Rocket where the user right clicks on the colored X Y Z (location, rotation scale) in Details panel.

For the reset icon on other properties (the yellow return arrow) you have to click it then click on the pop up field.

Why not just click on it, and bang, done?

On mouse over it pops up Reset to Default, then on click it shows the default value under so you have to move the mouse down (wasteful)

And it still has pop up Reset to Default even though there’s a little header called that just over the value itself (not needed).

I would just go roll-over - (“reset to” + “(value)”), click done.

Snazzy way would be to not show this in a pop up but instead show it indicatively highlighted in the actual field with the affect also showing in the editor, and then you can choose to click or not to click.

Suggestion 1 is great. It will be good to click RMB and then the value snaps to lowest possible value. I use that a lot in Max so i also request for this feature.

Suggestion 2…Well personally i find the pop-up field helpful and nice because when we change values through the details panel, we can always look at the default value just by clicking that yellow icon and compare with the current one.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your feedback. I can confirm that there is a feature request in our database for your first suggestion. I should note that using the RMB to reset will not be used, but instead the ESC key will. RMB had been discussed and turned down in favor of ESC by the developers.

I have created a report and entered it into our database for your ideas for streamlining the Reset to Default button. If there is anything else that would improve workflow, please let us know.