[Suggestion] Button Combination Node? (Cheat Codes / Complicated Inputs for Games!)

I had a small idea that I would create myself if I could but as I’m not comfortable with C++ just yet, I thought I’d forward the idea to you beautiful people and ask you Epic, Is this a possible feature?

It could be extremely handy for people wanting to check if a Cheat Code has been entered, if a player is braking and moving (To drift their car), to unlock a lot of interesting puzzle ideas, or to unlock interesting new gametypes such as simple Simon Says games to other complicated amazing ideas.

Imagine how good it would be to be able to put the Konami code in all your projects with a single node…

This isn’t a game-specific idea and I think it’s extremely easy to see how this could be used to a whole tonne of games.

Again, If I could do it myself I would, but I’d like to put the idea forward!

I hope you enjoy the idea!

P.S If you do end up creating this node, be sure to put the Konami Code in Fortnite :wink: