[Suggestion] bulk renaming with ALT + Click like feature

Like that feature in some code editors where you can select multiple lines and 1 or more colums, and then write.
But renaming multiple textures, files, sprites, anything; and if possible, supporting wildcards:
i.e. I’m renaming a set of sprites (I was just watching Introduction to Paper2D: Creating Flipbooks, minute 5:45)
so I “ALT+Click” select all the sprites and write “Run_#” and the names get changed to Run_1 … Run_16
(# is the wildcard)

Hi there,

I have created the plugin Multi Objects Renaming Tool (MORT): Multi Objects Renaming Tool in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
It supports Content Browser and World Outliner and you can use function “Rename and Numerate” as you wish.

Just watch the video: