Suggestion: Be able to make Blueprints without the mouse.

My suggestion which would improve productivity would be to add some keyboard shortcuts to (without using the mouse):

  1. Create new nodes and wires.
  2. Move between nodes
  3. Tab between values in a node (without it going off to other places!)

As an example say I wanted to connect output node with an input node. I should be able to tab to that output pin. (Or maybe just press Alt+1 for the first output pin). Then press a key creating a new wire. Then using the arrow keys navigate to another node. Press enter and it would connect the two.

It is very time consuming switching between mouse and keyboard. (As shown in your own videos!).

So basically it would be great to be able to make Blueprints primarily with the keyboard and no mouse. Using the mouse later for simple rearrangements. You can all ready use keyboard to move nodes around but not to create wires which is the most important bit! Also the TAB button to tab to different text boxes in a node isn’t very good.

I can’t see the advantage of having to use the mouse to drag an exec pin to create a new node. Maybe it should be something like Cntrl+Right to create and link to a new node to the right of the current node and Cntrl+Down to create one below.

Imagine how quickly you could create blueprints if you had these keyboard shortcuts! (Newbies could use the mouse to get the hang of it than you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up.)

You can see some of the shortcuts here:

Thanks. Yep, I’ve seen them. But a lot of them still require the mouse. Which is not really a keyboard shortcut.

we so much need this. The constant hop between keyboard and mouse is really frustrating and time consuming. I wonder why no one else is pushing this. Especially with unreal trying to provide easier and faster alternatives to game development with good features being added to the engine, this suggestion really makes a lot of sense.