Suggestion Anchor Reroute

What you guys think about this idea? (126 KB)

I don`t know if I can put this type of message here in this forum, but I do not make idea where I can put. is just a suggestion, but I think this can help (or not :slight_smile: ) so much in visualization of bluprints. What you guys think?


The line of controller code below works perfect in Firefox and Safari to do a response redirect to an anchor. In IE 8 the response redirect does not return to the anchor. Any suggestions for making this work in all browsers would be appreciated.

Response.Redirect("/" + Forum + “/Users/ListUsers/” + Request.Params"page"] + “#” + userToEdit.ID); R Programming Online Training | SAS Online Training | Android Online Training | Weblogic Online Training | MongoDB Online Training | MongoDB Admin Online Training | SQL Online Training