[Suggestion]Academic System using Fields of Study & Expertise / Certification Program

Very much appreciate what this platform has to offer & was inspired to give you a view of the potential seen through the eyes of a former educator. The possibility to not only educate, but more facilitate user to become experts of their chosen interests. This platform could easily develop into a full certification program & would love to help in anyway possible. Below I blocked out a few of the stepping stones I see for the future of this platform. Hope something in this post will at least inspire & appreciate anyone taking the time out of their day to read this post.

-Certifying & Absorbing pre-existing content creators into this platform.
One of the biggest issues I see with your ramp up is creating content for this platform. There is a large community of people that are already contributing content that could be absorbed into this platform. Create a learning module for user submitted content and educate people in how to submit content for this platform. If you were to host a workshop for content creators I am sure people would be interested enough to submit content to the platform Given a little guidance on your part this community could become a crucial part of content creation & maintenance.

-Integrate Unreal Live Training & Stream into Learning Platform.
would love to see the connecting of the dots allowing user to catch the live streams or dig through the archives of videos created from all the streams & live trainings in the past. I see these as components of the Unreal online learning platform and would pool all the data that surrounds this engine into one place making it much easier for user to access & filter through.

-Creation of an Academic System:
Compile your existing Learning modules into cohesive segments that could build into a full curriculum for a specific field of study.
Create a ranking & sorting system for content on the platform. Ex. Using a search filter that would only show content of a specific FoS and/or a way to sort based on user experience with unreal.
Use Achievement system to build Expertise points towards mastery of a specific field of study. Ex Completing Sjoerd de Jong “Understanding the production workflow” + “Understanding the Production Workflow” could = 1.3 credits towards mastery in the Materials Field of Study.
Recognition of milestone accomplishments earning ranks of mastery badges from (Beginner to Master) in a specific FoS.

-Certificate Badges & Epic Certification
Allow users to obtain certificates that give recognition to those that have become fully accredited within a specific field of study. A resume builder that would also show up as badge in any content this user submits in the future.

This is sort of a divisive topic on here, so its worth doing a title search on certification to see what others say.
Certs are often a money grab or about gaming the system / fraud, which brings more problems than it solves.
Certification can work in areas where fraud / cheating is ruled out with strict Biometrics (language type certs).
But as with intro language certs, 3D / GameDev certs at a basic-to-intermediate-level often don’t mean much!
I’m all for improving skills at UE at Advanced-Level if certs could ever work. But portfolios rule for good reason.:wink: