Suggestion about Twitchs videos


I was trying to find an answer given on a twitch broadcast and figured one thing.

While it’s amazing that such sessions are broad and long “sometimes” could be helpful go right to the thing we are interested on hear about.

Get a 1h+ video to try find something that maybe will just be discussed on 1-2 minutes is a bit slow, so I would like to suggest to you to also include on the CG the current theme the talkers are explaining, this would help us to find answers faster and get back to production.


While both Matt, Chance and Nick has nice knees <3 this info could improve video usage as documentation. LOL

Best Regards. :wink:

Hey, that’s a really cool idea. We’re thinking of ways to implement something like this, so stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for the feedback! We’re actually working in a good bit of new functionality to our live video production, so your timing is solid :slight_smile: . In response to the stream above, the support streams are much more of a back and forth dialog than a a scripted event, so keeping up with the myriad of specifics in each of them has proven to be a challenge in post. We are investigating some solutions to that, however!

Thanks again!

I like the idea of a topic bar on the videos. Only question is, how would you do that on the fly during recording? It seems like this would be something that would have to be done in post since the guests might dive into any topic when answering questions. And having a bar that says Q&A is not going to be that helpful.

Another thing that might help is some sort of text file that goes along with each broadcast that says - (EQS start 12:35 end 15:24) or like (Mixamo Import routine start 13:35 end 25:32). One problem I am now having is trying to determine just which twitch broadcast a specific topic was answered on. With over 100 videos, just trying to figure out which video it was on is hard sometimes. If we had a series of text files, you could run a search on them and zero in on the video name and approximate timestamp that a topic was talked about.

Perhaps there is some kind of software available in the world for video libraries. Obviously, CBS Sports must have some sort of cataloging system that allows them to find pretty obscure clips of say the Denver Broncos during a live football broadcast. Maybe something like that could help us.

There’s software that allows you to add overlays to a stream and easily customize them

We add timestamps to the YouTube archives of the Thursday streams :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be nice idea, to put questions directly on screen (or at least part of them), during stream. It could also make easier to add time stamps later (;.

A cool idea! Though not something we have the functionality to do in realtime at this moment… Will see if it’s something we can try in the future though

Put it on the monitor behind you. Should be doable in realtime :slight_smile:

Chance and the guys do a great job reading off the questions before answering them live stream.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be valuable to have the chat log available for the posted video, but again I’m not sure if you can do that in twitch.

Keep up the great streams.

We might actually be able to do something about that. Thanks for the suggestion.