Suggestion - a warning you disabled anims

I’m quite new to UE so I’m following some tutorials on the net.
Yesterday I was going to change my rifle mesh to a gun blueprint so to get the blueprint in the right position i paused the animations… I guess you can figure out what happened next. Phone rang so I left the computer for awhile and totally forgot I disabled anims. I implemented some function in the gun BP and tried it and …wait - something broke…my character is not running anymore just sliding… tried to go back in history but it didnt help… something got messed up… Did I change anything in the anim blueprint? Back to the tutorials to compare… No error messages but char is still not moving… I must have broken something in the core of the engine haha… Well 2 nights later and rewatching the tutorials it struck me… maybe I turned off animations for the player char bp…

Would be nice to have some form of reminder char anims is paused or something haha. I can’t be the first to waste hours on this :smiley: ?