Suggest projectile velocity returns strange results

Hi everyone!
I have an issue with suggestProjectileVelocity node. I have a target, and I put it’s world location to target location in this node. Initial speed is 10000 (this is 100 meters/sec, am I right?) Gravity scale is 0.5 both in this node and in projectile parameters. But result is quite strange, see screenshot:

White sphere is my target, but projectile flies under it. Why? Thanks.

Nice feedback guys

What’s the distance to target?
Why are you using “suggestProjectileVelocity” vs calculating it yourself?

SuggestProjectileVelocity only calcs the velocity needed to get to target. It doesn’t calculate a trajectory. You have to manually adjust rotation to hit the transform location.

verbatim … Calculates an launch velocity for a projectile to hit a specified point.

Thanks. But how to calculate everything manually? Ballistic formulas doesn’t work there, we don’t know g (which is 9.8 in real life)