Suggest Projectile Velocity Returning False

I can’t quite figure out why this is happening. Generally I have a location set and the suggest projectile velocity sets the velocity perfectly and hits the spot every time. Sometimes it returns false so it goes nowhere. I can’t seem to pinpoint it down on what causes it to sometimes fire false and make no suggestion. What is a backup method to replace suggest projectile velocity node so I can work around this?

Anyone else have the suggest projectile velocity node return false seemingly randomly?

I did some trouble shooting.

With a launch speed of 3000 the maximum distance the projectile would return true at was 4500cm from the target. I have have a hypothesis that I will test to see if this correlation stays true with the increase in launch speed. Will report back shortly.

I figured that 4500 was 1.5 times as much as 3000 and it was the limit so I decided to test out 4000 launch speed and I expected to see a maximum distance of 6000cm but it turned out to be 7500cm.

I am not certain what the exact correlation is, but it is not linear. If you are having troubles with the suggest projectile velocity node returning false simply try increasing the launch speed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! Been stuck trying to get suggestprojectilevelocity working the last two days before I found this