Suddenly stuck attempting to place level geometry based off bitmask comparison.


I was on a roll and doing quite well until it came time to build my Blueprint to place walls based on a bitmask in my tile structure. Suddenly I can’t figure out how to pull the value of the bitmask out of an int.

Essentially, what I need to do is loop through my width*height and access the int AvailableDirections and if 0x0100 isn’t set, then place an Eastern wall in that location, and if 0x0010 isn’t set then place a Southern wall in that location. I didn’t have any problem (that I know of yet, anyway) SETTING the value of the bitmask, but I suddenly can’t seem to find the way to do a comparison and branch based on that.

I’m sure it’s something very simple that I’m just missing, but didn’t find the answer through a forum search, or even a google search (which is weird–usually Uncle Google has all my answers, even on BPs).



Attached is where I’m stuck. Broke the Structure apart to gain access to the AvailableDirections, but don’t know what to pull off of that (or the execution pin) to make the comparison and branch.