Suddenly no sound at all

All of a sudden the whole engine stopped playing any sounds, including the game start and game end sounds, and any editor/ingame sound. It’s not muted in the mixer, and nothing uses the output exclusively. Any idea?

Hey Lostra,

Sometimes these things can happen with the sounds and the only way to get them to work again is to close and re-open the editor.

If your sounds still are not working, be sure your editor is running in ‘Real-Time.’

To do this press the ‘Ctrl+R’ keys to toggle feature on or off. Another way to check to see if it is on would be to select the dropdown arrow in the top left corner of your active perspective viewport. The first option you will see is ‘Realtime.’


I’ve did everything you mentioned, however, I’ve sorted the problem for myself. I rolled back the project version, and rolled forth, now it works great…