Suddenly my Unreal app crash with Pixel Streaming enabled

Great proposal in “related questions”.
Seems to be an upgrade of my Chrome browser version.
It works in Firefox.


I was using Pixel Streaming successfuly for a while.
Yesterday, everything just worked fine as usual, but today, my Unreal app crash when I connect to the web site and establish the ICE link (as I understand).
If I don’t try to establish a stream, the app just works fine.

The app was not rebuild between yesterday and today. All is the same.
I just can’t understand what appends now, any help would be appreciated.
I have the same issue with the Pixel Streaming demo app.

Here is the crash log, something in the code of the plugin :

Assertion failed: Player
[Line: 173] player 101 not found

UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_WebSockets UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor UE4Editor
UE4Editor UE4Editor UE4Editor kernel32

And the piece of code that fire the assertion:

void FStreamer::OnRemoteIceCandidate(FPlayerId PlayerId, TUniquePtr Candidate)
	FPlayerSession* Player = GetPlayerSession(PlayerId);
==>	checkf(Player, TEXT("player %u not found"), PlayerId);


Hello Unreal Engine team,
Do you plan to upgrade the WebRTC library in UE 4.26 engine and when ?
Thanks a lot for your great work.