Suddenly IntelliSense won't find parent classes


I know that in VS (Express) IntelliSense is not best working feature but suddenly my IntelliSense won’t find any parent classes for code completion. It still finds variables and function defined in the same class but everything else is gone.
At fist I thought that my upgrade to 4.1.1 was causing this but I open a code example (StrategyGame) from 4.1 I still won’t get anything that was defined in the parent class.

Pressing F12 still finds the symbols in some cases.

Compiling still works without problems it is just IntelliSense making trouble.

Just want to put my “ditto” on this, except I’m using pro. At first I thought it was a VS update I applied, but not quite sure. Maybe I just didn’t notice it between then and now.

For a bit there, it seemed to only effect new custom code pages I put in and the pre-built files looked fine. Until I modified those pre-built pages. Thinking of doing a complete re-install or something, but if someone were to locate some magic toggle setting somewhere and let us know, I’ll award you a whole 10 internet points for the info.

Maybe I can answer my own question. Instead of reinstalling everything I delete the intermediate folder together with all VS files in my root directory of my project (don’t delete the uproject file :P) and regenerated my project files via context menu.
Now I looks like it works again (until the next time it “crashes”).

But I still don’t what the cause was…

VS 2013 is notoriously terrible with the code right now I’ve found, has have many others on the forum. It can take some time to catch up and sometimes it seems to not find them at all. I’m not sure whether this is a VS issue, or a linking issue with UE4 source code and VS, but either way I don’t think there is a sure fire way to fix it, although some people have mentioned Visual Assist but it comes at a cost.

In order to use VA I need to buy VS Pro first ^^

Figured I might actually look into this more, so, using my modest googlefu found:

There’s been some talk that it is due to the sheer size of the UE4 library…not so sure. I’d wager the VA suggestion didn’t come from developers just picking something with more features, but more of a fix what doesn’t work in VS for C++. Anyway, doesn’t help, but perhaps a mild comfort that it’s a widespread issue, hopefully one that may even have a solution (other than shelling out more dough) one of us with stumble upon. Honestly feared it was simply my system, as I had to get up and go prepare tea and snacks given how long my VS install took.