Suddenly all my materials turn into checkers, how to fix this?

All materials and meshes materials turns into checkers.
I don’t know what’s going on. How to fix this?



It’s hard to help trouble shoot without more information. Can you post some screen shots of your scene, mesh, material setup, etc…



For example in this scene, the basketball field lost all its material instances references.
And all material instances lost its material parent/master.

Update: Here’s an example of the parent material. There’s an error, but I don’t know what that means.

These assets comes from unreal engine marketplace citypark. I migrated them to my project.

I’ve tried deleting all of them, re-migrating, overwriing nothing helps.
Logically it should bring back everything to normal. But no.

I don’t know how many more meshes and materials turning into checkers. But these are some of them.

When you did the asset migration did you migrate them directly into the content folder or a different folder? If you migrate to a folder other than the main content folder, then the references will break.


Yes, other than the main content folder.

And you’re right. It is the cause.

Now, the problem is solved.

Thank you.

great! make sure to mark the post as resolved then. It helps people sort through posts that need answers and ones that don’t