Such a stupid simple first idea...

I had an idea, it is so stupid…so simple…I made a flowchart of the game logic, which is not really a game more an app, however, I already have license to the Unreal Engine, so why not make use of it to expand on the idea, also I thought it would be a good learning point, to create something so ludicrously simple, that I could easily use the eclipse editor to make it…or make a web page that has it all.

I have created working 3d content almost by accident which is the Unreal strength of the Unreal Engine…you can just easily watch a few youtube vids and grab just about any 3d software to make some geometry, a program like GIMP to make the textures…easy! SO VERY SIMPLE!

So…why do I find myself doing hours and hours of research trying to make a simple static question and answer game, no 3d environment, no difficulty, except in execution it seems, I mean I literally have in the first version a yes and a no button and it poses a question based on the yes or no tap (as this is for android) it tells you something then asks another question and follows the logic pipeline until it reaches the end. Everything is accounted for in the logic flowchart I made, and I could do it soooo much simpler it seems with anything else, but I want to learn the engine I paid for…is a simple 2D android app a workaround sort of thing in the unreal engine? Should I just simply create it in eclipse instead? I don’t relish the option because I can get more features out of the unreal engine…yes it is a simple app but I have a plan in mind for the first alpha build…when everything is sound I wanted to make a customization menu with font settings, color settings, etc…and add a bit of “pop” to the app that the engine can offer…as well as not having to pay for another service or application to add this later…because I admit my skills with the eclipse editor would be a bit rudimentary…another reason for my choice…I mean it says I can easily deploy to any platform really and it seems so, but the how, I have found no good way, for a game that is not a game but more of an app, yet it is similar to a game…I am a bit frustrated so sorry for the seeming rant but if you follow me, a single non scrolling screen…a simple thing…a menu and a set of yes and no questions that trigger responses and eventually come to an end…

I just don’t see why something so simple seems to be so hard when I can easily produce in minutes a VR worthy environment in a 3d space…I guess I may have picked the wrong tool for the job…but it’s the tool I own, so…why not learn, if anyone can help me, I appreciate it, and if you want to make fun of me, well then go ahead, I know how most forums are.

Thanks in advance,

-Michael AKA Ioldanach

You’ll be surprised how unusually nice this forums is :smiley:

To your question. It certainly is possible. You can just do something like widgets only, have your buttons with event dispatchers, let the main widget (with the question) verify it and send that response back to your controller, remove the widget and add a new one.

The thing simply is: UE is created for 3D environments. It’s bound to levels and the main structure (GameMode and PlayerController… technically the PlayerCharacter and HUD as well but you can get it working just fine without them). You can get it done and it’s not too hard once you’re familiar with the structure. But as you already guessed you pretty much have the wrong tool for the job. The overhead of code and functionality which will always be shipped is just giant.

If you want to do this I’d suggest simply using eclipse. If you wanna learn UE I would highly suggest doing something with a level space (like your average fps, rpg, strategy game or something like that but also your 2D sidescroller and similar). That’s simply where this engine shines and where you will learn most about it’s functionality and workflow. :slight_smile:

I suspected…yarrr ok I just thought hey I have this tool…and it could do more effects than I can easily in eclipse but the amount of overhead I did not test either…I do love how simple it is to make a 3d environment, I mean, amazing! But…yeah…well I thank you for the response and will fire up eclipse to crank this out quick n easy while I plan my first VR app for the engine instead (which is planned out, I just got sidetracked lol) but vielen dank! And you were right I was very surprised at the forum climate…I am just older and used to feel like I am babysitting in most game forums :slight_smile: